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A little more about me

I’ve always had a passion for flowers, my home has always been full of them.  I adore the big blousy blooms of summer and there is nothing I like more than rummaging through antique shops to find lovely vases and vessels to fill with my favourite flowers.  Ever heard the saying ‘like a child in a sweet shop’, well that’s me at the flower market.  The reality of following my dream however, was a little different.  I was engrossed in a challenging career, busy being a mum and having to make sure the bills were paid so that’s how my passion stayed for many years.

About three years ago, with the opportunity of retiring at a pretty young age (well not that young, I’m 51) I decided it was time to stop dreaming and start thinking about what I really wanted to do.   So I signed up for an evening floristry course at my local college, just to see if I had any creativity within me or not.  Since then I’ve never looked back.  I fell in love with it, head over heels.

From there I discovered the lovely ladies at the Cambridge Flower School who have been a total inspiration to me.  I’ve spent many hours and days with them learning the art of floristry. Who knew there was so much to learn, but I assure you there is.  They really have given me the ability and confidence to follow my dreams, despite their constant reminder that being a florist is not all glitter and sparkles.  It’s actually really hard work.  Early morning trips to the flower market, back breaking lifting and carrying, working late into the night making beautiful wedding bouquets for the next days wedding.  The reality is that I have never been happier.  I’m so excited to have started my floristry journey.

In between the numerous courses I undertook some work experience with an established florist and at every opportunity practised what I had been taught.  I starting making bouquets for friends, this led to being asked to do weddings (always a great honour) and I had great fun doing some Christmas workshops.  So when I hear the words now ‘I’m not creative’ I challenge people to come to my workshops and see what they can do, my clients last year were all ‘over the moon’ with their creations.

Taking the leap

I still had some reservations about it all.  Giving up a salary which dropped into my bank account every month, to being self employed and not knowing whether there would be enough money to keep the lights on at home was, and still is, daunting but what I knew without a doubt was that I had to try.  So here I am, trying!

In January of this year I retired from a 30 year career and started the ball rolling.  The thought of a website terrified me – I really had no clue but now, several months later and with the help of a fantastic (and very patient) web designer I now have my lovely website and I even know how to use it!  It was really important to me that my website reflected my values, I feel that it does.  I have a real passion for floristry and I want you to love my products as much as I do and I hope this has come over in my website.  I truly love what I do and I want to be the best I can be.  I will no doubt be returning to Flower School as I don’t think anyone can ever stop learning but for now the plan is to start building on the skills I have gained and become known locally as a good reliable florist, to whom my customers return because they believe in me and what I do.

Since launching I’ve had fantastic support from friends and family and I really do have the belief that over time I can build up a loyal customer base and make my dream a reality.

So if your are reading this blog and wandering whether to use Olive & Rose for a birthday bouquet or your dream wedding, pick up the phone and give me a call.

Who knows what’s in store the the future, but I’m going to give it a really good try.


PS I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show next week so I’ll keep you posted …



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