British Flowers Week 10-16 June

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What better time to launch Olive & Rose than British Flowers Week!

Founded by New Covent Garden Market, British Flowers Week is the annual celebration of British flowers and the UK cut flower industry.

Now in it’s seventh year it’s all about promoting British flowers, their growers and the independent florists working with them.

It goes without saying Buying British is the best way to support the campaign and back local growers.  Not just from 10-16 June but all year round.

Why buy British flowers?

Not only do British flowers usually have a better scent than imported ones, they will be fresher and last longer.  Minimum distance means maximum vase life.

British grown are excellent value for money.  When they are at their seasonal high, quality goes up and price comes down, which means your orders will be packed with beautiful seasonal flowers.

In addition to this you will be supporting local industry, keeping farms happy and encouraging wildlife and biodiversity.

I want you to love buying British.  Let’s start questioning provenance and locally grown for flowers as well as food.  An ethical movement we can all get behind.

How I’m supporting

Here at Olive & Rose I will be well and truly supporting British Flowers Week so between the 10-16 June every flower that leave my little studio will be the best that there is to offer.

I adore British flowers and will be using them as often as I can throughout the season, after all Olive & Rose is all about seasonality.

It is scientifically proven that giving flowers as a gift makes you just as happy as receiving them so go ahead and order today from Olive & Rose, I sincerely hope you will love what I do.

Care of your flowers from Olive & Rose

As this is my first blog I thought I would just give you a few hints and tips about the flowers you receive.

My stunning hand tied bouquets are delivered beautifully packaged in aqua packs (water bubble!).  There is always the question of whether to remove it – please do!!  The aqua pack is there so that the flowers have a water source whilst I deliver them to you just in case you haven’t got the time there and then to put them in a vase.

As soon as possible remove the aqua pack, cut the stems on a 45 degree angle and place in fresh water (with the sachet of flower food delivered with your order).  If you leave the aqua pack on the cellophane that holds the water will heat up and bacteria will start to grow fairly rapidly resulting in unhappy flowers!

Leave on the tissue paper if you wish, leave the flowers tied together and pop them in a vase, the flowers should sit at the neck of the vase.  Make sure there is no foliage below the water line.

Every two days (or every day if you have time) take the flowers out of the vase and empty the dirty water, clean the vase with a mild bleach solution and add fresh water, re-cut the stems and place your flowers back in the vase.

Keep doing this and your flowers will last longer!

Flowers really love fresh water – it really is that simple …






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